How to Pick Lottery Numbers: The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Pick Winning Lottery Tickets

Is there anyone else who wants to know how to choose lottery numbers that will win? If you’re anything like me when I started looking for ways to win “chance” games, you probably pick your numbers using what you believe is a smart strategy. Most likely, you have a set of loosely-constructed techniques that you believe will give you a winning edge. You are correct? You probably know this already (and I did it pretty quickly!). The “correct” way to choose lottery numbers is rarely rewarding.

Good news! The good news is that there ARE techniques you can use to increase your winning percentages in an explosive, exponentially impressive manner. Let’s take just a moment to look at some examples of BOTH strategies:

How to Pick Lottery Numbers

Use your address or PO box number (very common …. and rarely, if ever, works)
Use of birthdays, important dates such as anniversaries, or even more morbidly death date (again, very common, and not a good strategy).
Randomization: There are many people  live draw sgp who use sophisticated systems to randomize a combination important numbers and personal data THINKING. This increases your chances of winning. This doesn’t …. and in some lotteries or drawings (depending upon the number of numbers required) it can actually make your winning percentage mathematically less likely, or statistically more likely.
Are any of these familiar? Don’t be embarrassed if they do! My career started out doing this type of stuff for the first few years. After winning a few hundred dollars in a local drawing, I thought I was on to something ..:-). It wasn’t until then that I realized how much I had lost on my journey to my modest winnings that I had my epiphany moment and learned how to turn it around.

How to Choose Winning Lottery Numbers

A system is essential! Contrary to what was said above, you also need a system that is SMART. …. You don’t need to be a mathematician or a numbers “guy” to use paint by numbers strategies to scale and pick numbers. Follow the example of others who have done it successfully. They’re there if you look hard enough
Math, Map, and MOVE! My favourite technique is to quickly pick, choose and attack sets of numbers that are more probable than not to be in “Q”. This technique works much better in smaller games of chance and smaller drawings but has been proven effective by repeat winners who have shared it.
How do you manifest money? This was something I struggled with for a long time. But, finally, I am a big believer. How come? Many repeat winners use money manifestation thinking systems as part their process. Money manifestation, as it is commonly known, involves visualization and a meditation-based “law of attraction” process for picking numbers. These strategies have been used by some of the most successful repeat winners, including Helen Hasdell, an 80-year-old European winner. It’s so easy for debunkers and skeptics to understand why!